Akku Bhai: Aroundthree-decade’s legacy of entertaining audience.

Born in a family of musicians, the skill and knowledge about music came naturally to Akku Bhai. His interest in understanding different genres of folk and Hindustani music led him to discover his innate love for rhythm. While his father Shri Abdul Umar is a well-known clarinet player and his brother is a professional keyboard player, Akku Bhai chose a different route and opted to follow his passion as a dhol player. He started his career in 1983 and soon he was part of the grand Navratri celebration events in 1986.

His debut performance was in Kora Kendra, Borivali. In his career spanning three decades, he has done more than 100 shows and with leading names of the industry such as Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu and the ghazal legend, Jagjit Singh.Over the years, he has attained expertise in drums and octopad too, adding tohis strengths in percussions and rhythm. He has also performed with the singing sensation Bhoomi Trivedi and Phalguni Pathak, adding more feathers to his cap.

Sun Aura: Music begins where words fail

In 1999, Akku Bhai and his wife established Akash and His Beat, to mark the beginning of a musical journey and strengthened the organization with the induction of several new artists. A company which began its voyage with one captain has grown into a big team of professional event managers and artistes. Today, the erstwhile Akash and His Beat today is known as ‘Sun Aura’ and continues to spread its contagious the spirit of entertainment.

A dream which was once owned by Akku Bhai is now shared by his team. A dream to create music and events that not only moves one to let their hair down but also find their trance in music. Akku Bhai over the years has proven to be a testament of the proverb: Music is the strongest form of magic.

Have you witnessed his magic yet?

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